Low-cost mobile telephony can be credited with putting the power of communication in the hands of the African people over the last decade, heralding the first wave of true inclusion. The second wave is data and the access to the internet. The internet today connects about two billion people worldwide and its penetration in Sub-Saharan Africa has been growing steadily.

But more than just getting more people in Africa online, the internet brings with it many more benefits. It is a necessary tool for inclusive growth, driving financial inclusion and positively impacting socioeconomic growth.

One of the key challenges for the advancement of internet access and connectivity in Africa remains the widespread lack of infrastructure and technical capacity. Despite considerable advancement, the majority of countries across the African continent remain at the tail end of the digital divide.

According to the World Bank, a 10% growth in broadband access results in 1.4% growth in GDP. This impact- the creation of jobs, the creation and expanding of small to medium size enterprises, the development of technical capacity- all play a profound role on creating sustainable economic growth across the continent.

Because of the potential of the internet to impact our economy even more so that it already is in the future, Phase 3 is committed to ensuring that this digital divide diminishes. Through the internet Africa has started to move beyond our dependence on natural resources, and into the service economies.  Internet connectivity is crucial for this transition

Here at Phase 3, we see it as a responsibility to ensure that we, as a continent are heading in the right direction. We are proud to be playing a small part in bringing internet connectivity and access to people in a variety of ways.



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